Established in 2010, as a hobby and for the love of our dogs, we created WOOFER, treats that are homemade, natural in ingredients, and with no artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives. Now we know that we give to our loved ones a healthy treat which is not harmful for them to enjoy. We continuously improve our quality by adapting knowledge from Germany to give better results of our products from time to time. Because for us, dogs are a part of our family that need love and also care to ensure they deserve the best.

In 2012 we decided to make this even bigger by creating a company that can do much more in giving our customers more varieties. Now we have treats for horses. And we are on our way to developing more products such as cat treats and also pet foods.

So Our mission is to share our love with our customers by providing their loved ones a healthy treat and food at a reasonable price.

Our products are baked or dried to make sure it is safe for consumption during the specified shelf life

Our lifestyle is changing and more and more we are more caring for our beloved pets. Our care can be expressed by giving your loved one the best, safe and healthy.

Also available at Kem Chicks, Grand Lucky, Ranch Market, Farmers Market, et shop and vet clinics in Jakarta and suburbs area.